Christmas update December 2022.

Hello everybody,
I hope all is well and good!
A lot of people were in touch asking me if I was producing a calendar for 2023 but due to the high cost of quality paper, and the rise in manufacturing costs, I unfortunately won’t be producing a calendar for this year.
The cost has gotten so high that it would probably bring up the price by around 8/9euro extra and I don’t want to put the price back onto the customer. There seems to be a worldwide increase in paper costs at the moment.
I’m looking into other alternatives so I can have something in place for next year and will keep you updated.
If you’re still looking for something photographic, feel free to look over my website and browse through the categories of prints.
Any images on my Facebook Photography Page or my Instagram are also available in a print too, just send me a message.
I also want to say a big thank you to everyone who purchased the previous calendars, it was very much appreciated. 👍
Merry Christmas,
Dave. x

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